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Whisper 29 technical data and information 2014
W e l c o m e omboard!
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Multihull racer-cruiser sailing boat is for SALE 2014 - Welcome to our website in English:

The presentation boat in FINLAND is fully equipped with:
Basic racing sails and the boat is comfortably ready for You to sail.
Type of sails: Doyle Pentex laminate "Club/ Racing". Windex is installed to the mast.
Sail-number for the boat is FIN M116.

Registration-number for the boat in FINLAND is
A rentable-boat Status since 7.10.2011 given by TRAFI: Licence number: FI 359/400/2011. (Valid for 5 years, to year 2016.)

Information Determined- ISO 8666:2002 1.1

TYPE The type is JE29’ trimaran boat.
CATEGORY The design category of the boat is C (inshore).

The main particulars are as follows:

Length of the hull (LH) 8.84 m
Beam of the hull (Bmax) 6.09 m
Maximum depth (Dmax) 1.78 m
Minimum draft (Tmin) 0.30 m
Weight in bacic race-sailing condition only 1790 kg!! (water and waste systems empty, without engine)

Structure and material of the hull:
"Sandvich" fibreglass layer-composition;
(bi-axial 600 gr/m2):
Coresell foam and French Axson -epoxy with vacuum casting system;
English 2-component Awlgrip -paint on exterior surfaces and polyurethane paint on interior surface of the boat.

Windows: Lexan -polycarbonat
Toilet: sewage cistern system
Standing-hight inside the boat 1.80 m

Type of engine: ***Engine does not include to the basic delivery:

Importer´s recommended choise for the engine should include
an extra extra long shaft: 25 Inches long outboard model
Maximum power of the engine: 13 kw
***Torqeedo 2.0L (~20 Hv) was only presented introducing in the boat Korpilahti 2009.

Maximum person’s capacity 6 (5 beds) or 450 kg
Fuel tank 12 L
Water tank 25 L

Mast: 11.65 m, overturned model and system
Mast: carbonfibre (konstant i Whisper 29)
Boom in the bow: constant on model Whisper 29 since 2008
Maximum hight of the boat from water surface: 13,3 meter

Mainsail 29.00 m2 (Type: Doyle Pentex laminate "Club/ Racing")
Jib-sail   16.00 m2 (Type: Doyle Pentex laminate "Club/ Racing")


Information Determined- ISO 10087:1996
The craft has been marked with a Craft Identification Number (CIN).

The short introduction

The Owners Manual of trimaran Whisper 29 multihull sailing-boat has been compiled to help you to operate your craft with safety and pleasure. It contains details of the craft, the equipment supplied or fitted, its systems, and information on its operation and maintenance. Please read it carefully, and familiarize yourself with the craft before using it.

Means of reboarding
The boat has been provided with a ladder in size 900 mm long as a reboarding means from the water. People would be much safety and readily accessible without the assistance of anyone on board.

Electrical system
8 switches, fuse-box 1 x 12 V main switch,
2 x 75 Ah battery, cables, mainpowerswitch.

Navigation area
Portable nautical chart table with opening storing place, 1 LED roof light.

Rotating table, non-slide floor, 2 seats with separate paddings, 4 storage boxes inside the seat-backs, 2 singe-beds size 200 x 70 cm each.

Table with stainless-steel sink, handpump, 2 storing places, 1 LED roof light, 1 tap.

Cabin in the bow
190 x 130 cm bed with separate paddings, a big storageboxe under the double-bed, 50 x 50 cm opening hatch-window in the roof, 1 LED roof light.

Interior constant in Whisper 29: Main colour is white inside and outside off the boat, wooden parts are red-brown, vit inne och yttre utrymme, träpartier är röd-bruna with glossy varnish. glänsande lack. non-slide floor.

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Whisper 29 for SALE 2012.
Det Norske Veritas EC Type  Examination Certificate 200907 DNV Module B Type accepted: 20.9.2007
DNV Module F Supervision of quality 20.9.2007-
CE-category: C (Inshore waterways; coast areas)




Category C: Inshore
A boat given design category C is considered to be designed to operate in winds up to Beaufort force 6 (16 meters /second) and the associated wave heights (Significant wave height up to 2 meters, see note below). Such conditions may be encountered on offshore voyages of sufficient length or on coastal waters when unsheltered from the wind and waves for several dozens of nautical miles. These conditions may also be experienced on inland seas of nautical miles. These conditions may also be experienced on inland seas of sufficient size for the wave height to be generated.

Information Determined- Australia Standard:
The craft Whisper 29 has been provided with a permanently affixed plate mounted separately from the boat hull identification number for the uniform display of information to be exhibited according to the International Standard.

The formation contains:
CE mark and the number of the hull: CE 0575
Maximum power of the engine: 13 kw with 25 inch long outboard shaft
Maximum person´s capacity: 6 (450 kg) (5 bed-places)
Manufacturer´s name; Recommendation for maximum cargo
(Manufacturer’s recommended maximum load including the mass of the outboard engine, but excluding the mass of the contents of fixed fuel and water tanks when full).

Information Determined- ISO 10087:1996
The craft has been marked with a Craft Identification Number (CIN).

Photos in this site:
Whisper 29 model sailing on the English Channel; September 2008.

Whisper 29 entered to Finland, Jyväskylä January the 23, 2009.

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